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Keepsakes and Gender Reveal Gifts

Planning the gender reveal party of your baby can be an exciting time for the parents-to-be. It’s a joyous occasion that brings all of your loved ones together gives them a chance to shower the new baby with gifts.

Have you been looking online for the best Gender Reveal Gift ideas? Then look no further because Gender Reveals UK has an amazing line of Gender Reveal gifts for your upcoming Gender Reveal Party!

If you’re looking for gender reveal gifts for new parents, for the baby or just gender reveal gift ideas for what to bring to their reveal party, we’ve got you covered! We have a wide selection of Gender Specific gifts, Gender Neutral gifts or even a practical gender reveal gift!

Browse Our Gender Reveal Gifts

Here at Gender Reveals UK, we have a vast array of Gender Reveal gifts to choose from that are sure to be a big hit at the upcoming Gender Reveal party.

These thoughtful gifts will provide a fun way to celebrate the special moment and create lasting memories for everyone involved.

Unique Gender Reveal Gifts for the Baby

Baby Milestone Blankets

Our Baby Milestone blankets come with a variety of different designs to fit whatever style you want to go for. They are usually gender neutral too so while they are not necessarily about the gender reveal itself, these are still a thoughtful gift for when the new baby arrives!

Just lie the baby down in the specified space and use the props to show how old they are! Its a great gift idea to help the new parents track the growth and development of their baby.

They're ideal for a sweet gender reveal gift or baby shower gift and they regularly rank highly on gender reveal gift ideas lists. Not only do they look great but they are super soft and really are a great gift and a must have for a new parent.

Gender Reveal Scratch Cards

Another gender reveal gift idea is a Gender Reveal Scratch Card. These cute gender reveal gifts are a unique gift to hand over at the Gender Reveal Party so all of the guests and close friends can join in the Gender Reveal fun and celebrate finding out the gender of the new baby!

Just hand out the cards and scratch them off to reveal the gender of the new baby! It is a simple gift but an effective one too! If you turn it into a game it can become a great idea!

Pregnancy Journals

Another great gender reveal gift idea is a Pregnancy Journal. A Pregnancy Journal is such an amazing gift for a pregnant woman because it allows them to document all of their inner thoughts and feelings about being a mama to be.

It is a personal and beautiful account for the expectant mother of what they felt and thought during those 9 months and can be used as a great keepsake. Some ideas of what to keep in the journal are:

  • Write letters to your unborn baby

  • Predict what they will look like during the toddler years

If the mother to be wants to read it back at a later date with a family member or the dad to be, then it can be a great memory too. This has been consistently voted as one of the best gifts.

Pregnancy Belly Casting Kit

Another great gender reveal gift is a pregnancy belly casting kit. These kits give the mama to be a great opportunity to make a cast of their pregnant belly to save and cherish forever.

It can be the perfect gift for a pregnant woman and even a new dad! Some people have been known to put it up in the baby's nursery! While it doesn't fit the usual mould of Gender Reveal Party gifts, it is still in the list of unique gift ideas.

What to Bring to a Gender Reveal Party

When you have gender reveal parties coming up, it's important to know what to bring to the event. In addition, trying to come up with ideas for fun gender reveal presents for expecting parents can be difficult. Gender-related items like gender-specific baby clothes and toys are popular choices, but there are also plenty of gender neutral options available for new parents.

It can be hard to come up with the perfect gender reveal gift but we are here to help. Many gender reveal parties are typically thrown around the five-month mark of pregnancy, so baby shower gifts are also great ideas for expecting parents. Gifts can include items such as baby toys for boys and girls and other practical items for new parents such as gift certificates for baby items and clothes. All things mom to be will enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to consider when choosing a gender reveal gift?

When choosing a gender reveal gift, it's important to consider the parents' taste and interests. A personalized memento or a spa package for the mother is an excellent way to show your appreciation and support.

Even though the gender reveal party is primarily to discover the baby’s gender, gifts do not need to be gender-specific. You may also want to think of items that fit with the baby's age, such as a toy or clothing item.

Most importantly, make sure the gift is appropriate for the parents' beliefs and values. All in all, the best gender reveal gifts are ones that come from the heart.

Why not try and couple the gift with a confetti cannon , smoke cannon , Gender Reveal balloon or some decorations? This would really help the new parents get the party started!

Are there any gender reveal gift-giving etiquette tips I should follow?

If you're attending a gender reveal party, it's important to understand the gift-giving etiquette. Generally speaking, it is not standard to bring a gift to a gender reveal party but as you will know the parents to be very well, you may want to bring a gender reveal gift for them. If you are unsure whether or not gifts are expected, it's best to ask the party host beforehand.

If gender reveal party gifts are accepted, thoughtful gifts that focus on the mama to be are a great choice. Consider a practical gender reveal gift such as baby clothes, blankets and enough diapers, as well as mementos such as gender reveal keepsake boxes or photo albums. These are all great gender reveal gift ideas.

Always remember that the goal of the gender reveal is to enjoy the moment when everyone learns the gender of the baby-to-be. Therefore, have a look through our favorite gender reveal gifts for new parents to be and make a wise decision. You can't go wrong with anything we have mentioned as well as a pregnancy pillow, baby nail clippers or matching parent mugs.

Are there any special considerations to keep in mind when buying a gender reveal gift?

When buying a gender reveal gift, there are some special considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, gender reveal gifts don't have to be gender specific but if you sneakily already know the baby's gender you could get something that reflects the gender of the baby (pink for girls, blue for boys etc.), or something that is of great personal importance to the parents.

Another option is getting gender reveal gifts that are personalised and unique - perfect for gender reveal parties. A great way to make sure the gift is special, is to consider the gender reveal theme and expectations of the parents. Our baby milestone blankets are great gender reveal party/baby shower gifts for parents to be for this reason.

Gifts that focus on pampering of the expecting mama are popular gender reveal gifts too – such as spa gift cards, couples massage packages, maternity clothes, hospital bag, parent mugs, something for date night or baby clothes. Lastly, thoughtful gifts are best, so gifts that are tailored to the expectant parents’ interests and hobbies show them how much you care about their new arrival.