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Pregnancy Journal

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Capture Your Pregnancy Journey with Our Pregnancy Journal

A Comprehensive Guide for Every Trimester

Track Your Progress with your own Pregnancy journal

A pregnancy journal is an amazing and wonderful way to record and track your progress of your bump through each trimester.

You can use your Pregnancy journal to record all of the key milestones and special moments of your pregnancy journey with your baby.

It can be the perfect gift for a potential new mother to track baby's development, document week by week her growing bump and other details such as scan pictures and her feelings. The recipient could be family or a friend, make sure you get them one of the staples of their journey, a Pregnancy journal!

Reassurance and Mindfulness

Lots of women enjoy writing in a pregnancy journal for lots of different reasons but one that is regularly mentioned is the sense of calm and mindfulness it can give you.

The process of writing about your baby, pregnancy, hopes and dreams or even affirmations to help you enjoy every moment of being pregnant. It can help you take stock of the situation. Put it all down on the page!

It can also be helpful for a partner to read your pregnancy journal so that they can understand you on a mental or spiritual level.

What to Expect When You're Expecting

Referring back to a pregnancy journal when having a 2nd baby can always be really helpful when experiencing the same feelings and wanting to know how you felt/coped last time.

Also looking through the pages of your pregnancy journal can bring back those warm memories from your first pregnancy. It can be a great keepsake for parents.

You could document your beautifully laid plans or even draw a family tree. There is so much potential between those pages!

Your Pregnancy Journal Includes

If you buy a Pregnancy journal from us it will include:

  • JOURNAL PAGES BY WEEK - These pages will include prompts to help you record your emotions, hopes and other details throughout your pregnancy, as well as any questions you may have each week for your midwife or Health Visitor.

  • SCAN PHOTOS – There are pages to put copies of your early and 20 weeks scan photos and dates to look back on and smile, complete with sections to place the photos and detail the important things.

  • LISTS, LISTS, LISTS! – Are you the type of person who writes notes and lists of ideas, scans and other important things for your pregnancy? It sounds like out pregnancy journal is right up your street! Here you can record all of that with bespoke list pages.

  • THE MIRACLE OF BIRTH – Here you can record everything about the birth of your child! From the early days of your pregnancy, thoughts and fears, developing a birthing plan for a bespoke delivery or even photos and thoughts for after your baby is born!

  • SELF-CARE AFFIRMATIONS – Being able to journal your thoughts and emotions are great but sometimes, during your pregnancy, you need a reminder to love yourself and give yourself some space/cut yourself some slack if you find things overwhelming. You've got this!

  • SPACE FOR PHOTOS AND MEMORIES – You can track the progress of your bump, key weeks and other milestones on paper. Keeping track of the changes in your body. Journal your pregnancy from start to finish making sure nothing is missing.

  • A MESSAGE TO YOUR BABY IN THE FUTURE! – Here is a place to write a truly heartfelt and inspiring message to your child that they can read when they are older or even having a baby themselves. It may even inspire them to get their own pregnancy journal, or just give them an idea of how you felt during your pregnancy! It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Why Keep a Pregnancy journal

Keeping a pregnancy journal is a brilliant idea for practical and spiritual reasons.

Not only can you keep all of your appointments and important dates and milestones your own journal but its also an outlet to record your most private thoughts, worries and accomplishments throughout your pregnancy, and here at Gender Reveals UK we have the perfect journal to do just that.

Committing all of this to paper in your very own journal is about as personal as you can be, most customers are surprised at how much they get from it, so join our list of satisfied customers.

If you're a family member, friend or partner you can purchase this journal for your loved one at an affordable price. You'll be instantly sold on this product.

Testimonials for Pregnancy journal

I got my pregnancy journal as a gift from my Mother in Law and I loved it! I was able to write down all of the big moments and feelings of my pregnancy.

I never considered a pregnancy journal until my friend told me it really helped her create memories, document all of her baby's scans, her bump and each stage of her pregnancy in a personal way on paper. I would recommend it for any new Mothers!

LOVE my Pregnancy journal and would definitely recommend it, mine is full of memories and thoughts that I like to read back from my pregnancy cover to cover. I miss my bump!

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