The Best Gender Reveal Gifts to bring to a Gender Reveal Party

The Best Gender Reveal Gifts to bring to a Gender Reveal Party

What Gift should I bring to a Gender Reveal Party or Baby Shower?

Its the age old question, what Gender Reveal gifts are the best? What will the expectant parents to be want to receive from you? Everybody wants to buy the perfect gift.

Have no fear, we will discuss our favorite gender reveal gifts and baby shower gifts here and make sure you can bring a great gender reveal gift or a great keepsake for a baby shower.

Below we have listed all of our personal favourite Gender Reveal gifts to give you a sense of what you should be looking for when trying to find that perfect gift for that will stand out as thoughtful and helpful, not just the usual tat or a boring card! Don't worry we've got you covered! Celebrate finding out the Gender of the baby in style!

Our Favourite Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

Gender Reveal Parties and Baby Showers are so much fun and are becoming ever more popular with expecting parents to be, especially here in the UK. It is not quite as big as it is in the U.S but we are certainly making a concerted effort to catch our American counterparts!

We've been to our fair share of Gender Reveals, so we decided it would be kind of us to let you in on some great ideas for Gender Reveal gifts for any upcoming Gender Reveal Party! You're Welcome!

For anyone who hasn't attended any Gender Reveal Parties, usually they follow a similar format to a baby shower i.e. you bring a simple gift and celebrate revealing the baby's gender with the new parents to be. This will usually be done with just close friends and family.

There is no proper etiquette really, you mostly take the lead from the expecting parents or somebody who has attended a Gender Reveal party before.

Usually, the party is the place where the gender will be revealed so you don't need to buy gender specific gifts, so without further ado, here are our favourite gender reveal party gifts!

A Babygro with a Cute Message

When the baby arrives, they're going to wee and poo A LOT and need lots of clothes changes as well as nappy changes. Having new super soft babygros to hand will be fantastic at 3am for most new parents. It is a practical gender reveal gift that will be appreciated a lot by mum and dad to be. Also they usually come in white or other gender neutral colors so you won't need to pick something specifically gendered.

We consider it to be one of the best gifts you can buy for a father and mother to be and while it may be a small gift, it can go a long way. We consider them a must have gift!

You can find these all over the internet and they are surprisingly budget friendly.

A Pregnancy Pillow for the Mother to Be

If you talk to any mother they will tell you that a pregnancy pillow was an absolute life saver for them. It is an extremely thoughtful gift for an expectant mother. Of all of the gift ideas, this is one that seems off topic slightly as it isn't necessarily a gender reveal gift but you could argue its more on the baby shower side of the spectrum.

Not only is it a great gift idea, it is probably the perfect gift you can buy for a pregnant woman. They will thank you when they can finally get enough sleep without being really uncomfortable all night!

There are some expensive pillows online that you may find but honestly, in our experience the budget friendly ones are just as good, its more about the shape than the material quality.

Baby Milestone Blanket and Cards

Another cute Gender Reveal gift idea is a baby milestone blanket complete with milestone cards. These are incredibly cute gifts for new parents and a new baby. This is a really sweet gender reveal gift idea and allows new parents to track the milestones of their new baby from birth to their first tooth!

You will definitely feel the appreciation of any new parent if you buy them this Gender Reveal gift.

New Mum and Dad to be Mugs

A mug is probably on the list of very British Gender Reveal Gift ideas but we love them! If it were up to us we would have a new mug to celebrate every major life achievement! If you feel the same way then Mum and Dad mugs can be a fun way to celebrate becoming a new mum or new dad!

Admittedly it doesn't come under the realms of Gender Reveal Party gifts but it will definitely be appreciated.

So if you're looking for a subtle but fun gender reveal gift then look now further than matching parent mugs!

A Packet of Diapers/Nappies

On the face of it, this might seem like an obvious, less thoughtful Gender Reveal gift, but the fact is you can never have enough diapers/nappies! Admittedly in the grand scheme of Gender Reveal gift ideas there have been more inventive gifts than a nappy/diaper bag however, this really could be the perfect gift for a mama to be! They're the cornerstone of looking after a new baby! You can guarantee that they will be put to use even if they aren't exactly a unique gift or take pride of place in the baby's nursery.

Maternity Clothes for Mama to be

This may not be one of the perfect Gender Reveal gifts for the Gender Reveal Party itself but in terms of practical gift ideas for a pregnant woman you can't go wrong! Especially if they're a close friend or family member as you will know what their style is and pick them something really cute in a lovely gift box!

Even though its not really on the nose for a Gender Reveal gift, everybody else at the Gender Reveal Party will likely get those so something comfy and lovely for Mum may end up secretly being the best Gender Reveal gift idea ever!

Little Baby Wash Bag

When the new baby is born and even into their toddler years, they're going to need the grooming basics right? So why not buy a little wash bag with all of the baby essentials inside? Everything from a little comb and hairbrush to baby nail clippers can be included! They're really lovely and practical gender reveal gifts that will be appreciated by the mum and dad to be and family members alike!

Baby Hand and Footprint Set

This is another of the more out there Gender Reveal gifts that has become more and more popular in recent years and is another of the great gender reveal gift ideas because it is gender neutral, meaning you can buy it with zero consequences and zero guesswork!

The idea is that the set will have some non-toxic ink and pieces of paper (sometimes its a mould) and the new parents will get a cast or print of their bundle of joy's hand and footprint as a keepsake.

These are amongst the best gender reveal gifts due to the low price and effort required.

A White Noise Machine or Stuffed Toy

Another of the practical gender reveal gifts and again it doesn't scream Gender Reveal Party but, hear us out!

These are not only a life saver when you're trying to get your baby to sleep but also, if you go down the stuffed toy route, they can be beautifully disguised as a little companion for the baby too.

White Noise has been proven to simulate the noises in the womb and help babies go to sleep quicker and for longer so think about this when trying to come up with gifts to buy because they're a very good little present.

A Baby Cushion

We're still going with practical gifts here but if you bring one of these to the Gender Reveal Party and there are any parents there, they will tell you how amazing their baby cushion has been.

So again, while it doesn't say "lets get this Gender Reveal Party started" it is amazing for parents to sit their little baby on and it gentle cuddles them and keeps them all warm and cozy, and who doesn't want that? We certainly do!

A Pregnancy Journal

Again, this doesn't strictly come under the umbrella of "gender reveal gift ideas" but it is a great idea for a mama to be and they will seriously appreciate it. It's also an amazing gender neutral option to consider when getting a gift for the new parent.

A Pregnancy Journal is a great way for a mother to be to write down all of her innermost thoughts about her pregnancy and feelings during the 9 months that she is growing her baby.

It really is a great gift and can allow the mother to write letters to their baby or other cute messages to her baby.

A Pregnancy Belly Casting Kit

A pregnancy belly casting kit is another gender neutral idea that isn't on enough gender reveal gift ideas lists! It is a brilliant gift that can be enjoyed by the whole family and make a great keepsake for the mother, father and baby in the future!

It comes in a pack with all of the materials you need to make a cast of the mother's belly.

Voucher Gifts

Some people think a voucher is a lazy gift but we disagree! It gives the receiver the option to go and get what they want to get, whether that be a couples massage, a date night, a hospital bag or a super soft cuddly toy for the baby! You can also get a lovely gift box for the voucher to make it look more like it is for the baby, even if it is for the parents to be to have fun! Parents deserve fun too guys!

Gender Reveal Tableware

Add a bit of fun to the gender reveal party with some lovely gender reveal themed tableware! It is all gender neutral so you can buy it with peace of mind that you won't spoil the surprise or have to guess the gender of the baby beforehand!

We also sell these at Gender Reveals UK so no need to go any further to get some adorable paper plates, knives, forks, spoons and napkins to help make the gender reveal party a bit more fun and stylish!

Its all available for a low and affordable price too!

Any Missing From the List?

Here at Gender Reveal UK we are always open to ideas so please let us know if you have any amazing gifts that you think would complement this list.

We will happily add them (with a credit) if we are suitably impressed!

Shop at Gender Reveal UK for all of your Gender Reveal Party essentials and Party Supplies!

Don't forget that Gender Reveals UK are the one stop shop for all things Gender Reveal Party so don't forget to check out our wares whether you're the host or the guest and grab yourself some amazing gifts, supplies, balloons, sports themed balls, decorations or Gender Reveal Cannons to make sure its the greatest party ever!

Don't Break the Bank

One final thing before we leave you, it is important when thinking about Gender Reveal gifts is not to go too crazy. Take into account that everybody that has been invited to the Gender Reveal Party will be bringing a gift and it will be really important for the host to just have you there for the support. So make sure you only buy what you are comfortable with and happy to bring along as its no use going and buying something really expensive that probably won't even be used.

That's why we've tried to keep our list cheap and cheerful as well as insightful and fun, hopefully we have listed something that really speaks to you and the new mum and dad!

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