Top 20 Gender Reveal Party Games

Top 20 Gender Reveal Party Games

You're going to love these top 5 Gender Reveal Party games that you can play at your Baby Shower/Gender Reveal party.

Here we will list our favourite Gender Reveal game ideas that are perfect for baby showers and Gender Reveal Parties.

20 Super Fun Game Ideas for Mum or Dad to be at Your Gender Reveal Party!

Gender Reveal Parties/Baby Shower are great fun for all the guests and for the parents to be. Here we will tell you our top 5 Gender Reveal games to play that should last a few hours and be so much fun.

For some people, just revealing the baby's gender is enough, but you can make your Gender Reveal party a bit more interactive and fun for all the guests too if you like.

Sometimes it's quite difficult to think of fun gender reveal games but maybe we can help getting your brain working and come up with cute game ideas yourself.

So without further ado, here is our list of classic game ideas for your Gender Reveal Party.

Top 20 Gender Reveal Party games/Baby Shower

Here is the list of Gender Reveal party games for your party guests to enjoy.

Baby Voting Ballot

This simple fun game for you and your party guests. All you need is a box and pieces of paper. Gender Reveal UK supply all your guests need right here.

Like all guessing games, on the printed sheets you need to write down your predictions for the baby, which can range from baby gender to weight at birth. People can decide if they are team blue or team pink!

Some answers you will get right away and some you will need to wait for!

Baby ABC Game

This party game idea is super simple again. Split your guests into teams of pink or blue and list the entire alphabet.

Team boy must then try to think of a boys name for each letter and Team girl must do the same but for girls names. Whoever thinks of the most names wins! This could also be great for canvassing baby name ideas!

A Scavenger Hunt with Clues!

Another fun one for this list of baby gender reveal games is the scavenger hunt! You could set your own clues that eventually lead to your scan picture, use pink or blue paint and even a small prize at the end!

Baby Trivia Quiz

Everybody loves a quiz! Especially if you're good at hosting them. This will really get your guests talking as you can ask lots of questions about babies including ones about old wives tales and classic nursery rhymes!

Gender Reveal Scratch Cards

This is a cheap and cheerful Gender Reveal game idea for your Gender Reveal Party/Baby Shower. You buy some Gender Reveal scratch cards like these ones from Gender Reveal UK and all the guests receive one.

They then scratch them off and the baby's gender is revealed. It is the most simple Gender Reveal game you can play but it is also a really fun party game. People can even decide beforehand if they are team pink or team blue.

Guess Who

This party game requires a bit of participation from your guests. Ask all of your guests to baby pictures of themselves to the party host and print this photos off. Then guests guess which baby pictures belong to each person. This Gender Reveal Party game is a great icebreaker for some guests that may not have met before.

Fishing for Dummies

This Gender Reveal Party Game is similar for bobbing for apples at Halloween except the 'apples' in this scenario are actually babies dummys. Each guest will have to dip their head into the water and try to fish out a dummy with their mouth. This can be a bit messy so you may need to put towels down before you start!

Baby Charades

This game is really easy to play and again very budget friendly. Everybody has played charades before but making this about babies is a great way of making it a Gender Reveal Party game! There are plenty of baby charades card sets to buy online or you could create your own using some of the examples below:

My waters broke

Burping the baby

Baby's first steps


Nursery Rhyme

Baby Food

Old Wives Tales

Baby Animals

Pin the Dummy on the Baby

Everybody has heard of 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey', well this Gender Reveal Party game is all about pinning a pink or blue dummy (or pink or blue pacifier as the Americans would say) into a picture of a baby's mouth. The idea is that your guests would be blindfolded obviously when doing this as it would be super easy!

Don't Say Baby

This really simple and budget friendly baby game is lots of fun for you and your guests. All you need to do is pin 5 pegs to each of your guests upon arrival and give them the simple instruction of "Don't Say Baby". Each time they say "baby", any of the guests can remove one of their pegs. Whoever ends up with no pegs left first must do a forfeit!

Diaper Raffle

We've borrowed this idea from our American counterparts but it is a great game idea so I'm sure they won't mind.

The idea behind 'diaper raffle' or 'nappy raffle' for us Brits is that each guest brings a packet of nappies (or more than 1 if they're feeling generous) and that gets you a raffle ticket. The expectant parents then draw a number out of a hat and the winner (hopefully one of the guests) gets a lovely prize whereas the parents to be get lots of lots of nappies for when the baby arrives! Seems like a good deal to us!

Dummy Hunt (or again Pacifier Hunt for our American readers)

This is really similar to the scavenger hunt except your hide 1 dummy either in the house or outside the house if the weather is permitting and you have a lovely garden! You could even make it a gender reveal game by making the dummy pink or blue!

Don't Drop the Baby (Egg)

Want to take people back in time to their school sports day? Why not put on a classic egg and spoon race but with a twist. You can draw a picture of a baby on each egg and set up 2 teams. Each person from 1 team has to make it to the end of the garden and back with their baby still in tact. Nothing like a little baby competition!

Nappy Change Race (Relay if You Have a Lot of Guests)

This one is a great way of creating a little bit of competition between the guests (especially if some are already parents). The idea is that you set up a doll or a teddy bear on a chair and have a pile of newborn nappies next to it. Each member of a team will run to the doll or teddy and attempt to take off the previous persons nappy and replace it with a fresh one. The team that manages to have everyone change a nappy (properly) is the winner!

Baby Shower Bingo

This plays in the same way as normal bingo in that each of the guests are given printed sheets with pictures of typical Gender Reveal/Baby Shower gifts on them. The idea is that the guests will mark off each gift they have on their card as the mum and dad to be open their gifts. The first person to completely mark off all of the gifts on their card is the winner!

Writing Encouraging Notes on a Nappy

The idea behind this game is that each of your guests is given a newborn nappy and a permanent marker pen. They can write whatever inspiring, funny or encouraging message they want on each nappy. These will then be given to the parents so that when they are changing their first nappys for their newborn child, they will see all of the lovely, hilarious and thought provoking messages that have been left by all of their loved ones.

Name that Tune from Baby TV

Name that Tune was a famous tv show a long time ago but the basic concept is so much fun. Rather than naming tunes from grown up tv and film, the songs will be from baby tv shows.

I'm sure all of the parents in the room will have an unfair disadvantage but you might as well get your brains used to these theme tunes now as you will be hearing them a lot in the future!

What's that Smell?

This game isn't quite as disgusting as the name may lead you to believe but this game is probably for people will a certain sense of humour. The premise of this game is to put something inside a nappy such as chocolate, fruit, or even some sort of perfume and have one or all of your guests smell the nappy.

Then Guests guess what exactly it is that you have placed in the nappy. This game will definitely get your guests talking!

Nappy Jenga

Everybody who has played Jenga and taken it seriously knows how one move can make or break the game! The idea behind this one is that instead of wooden blocks, your guests will be split into 2 teams and asked to create a nappy tower.

Whichever team can create the tallest tower of nappies will be named the winner OR if a team tries too hard and ends up with their tower collapsing under the weight of expectation.

This is another game that has been known to stoke the fires if competition between guests so if this is your Gender Reveal party then sit back and enjoy the mayhem unfolding with a nice cup of tea!

Baby Animal Names Game

Think you know your foals from your calves? Your cubs from your pups? your kittens from your chicks? Then this is the game for you!

Each guest is given a piece of paper to write on and you ask them a series of questions based around the technical names for certain baby animals.

You can make this as easy or hard as you like as there are some really difficult and unique ones out there.

Whoever can get the most names correct is the winner!

What did you do for your Gender Reveal Party/Baby Shower?

So there you have it, our top 5 Gender Reveal game ideas for your Gender Reveal Party or Baby Shower.

What did you do at your Gender Reveal Party? Is there a great Gender Reveal game we have left off the list?

Let us know your best party games in the comments below and how you revealed your baby's gender.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I take to somebody's Gender Reveal Party?

There are so many things you can take to Gender Reveals. Whether it is blue or pink candy, Gender Reveal photo props, either pink or blue confetti, or even some party games of your own!

Gifts are always welcome too like nappies, a baby bottle, pink or blue containers or just helpful advice!

Are there any Virtual Gender Reveal Games We Can Play?

As much as we like to have everybody at our Gender Reveal party in person playing our Gender Reveal Party games, it is not always possible if someone lives abroad or isn't feeling too well. That's why Virtual Gender Reveal games are a great idea. Just look on Google to find hundreds of baby word scramble games or another baby game.

These became really popular during the Covid 19 pandemic as people were obviously still having children and wanted to share these lovely moments with their friends and family. So online games just took off and they haven't really lost their popularity due to people being based all over the planet now. Its had a similar consistency to the working from home concept.

Each to their Own

So, hopefully this list has helped you come up with some excited Gender Reveal Party games to go along with your either pink or blue cake.

One thing you should remember though is that as much as everybody likes to play games, you need to make sure your Gender Reveal Party games are right for you and make sure you enjoy your Gender Reveal.


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