Creative Gender Reveal Ideas to Help you Announce your Wonderful News

Creative Gender Reveal Ideas to Help you Announce your Wonderful News

What is a Gender Reveal?

A Gender Reveal is when you decide to find out the gender of your baby before it is born (usually via an Ultrasound scan) and then share that news with your loved ones and/or social media followers in different and creative ways for everyone to enjoy!

Need Some Good Ideas?

So, you're thinking of having a Gender Reveal Party and you want the next unique gender reveal ideas that will wow all the guests and whoever sees it on your social media?

Well don't worry because we have got your covered with all kinds of Gender Reveal ideas to announce your baby's gender. This can be your exhaustive list of all things Gender Reveal.

The truth is that everybody is looking for cool gender reveal ideas or fun gender reveal ideas but the likelihood of finding a truly unique gender reveal idea is not extremely high. The good news however is that, just because somebody else may have done it, doesn't mean its not a cute gender reveal idea!

We'll try our best to list the creative gender reveal ideas that people have come up with so you can make a choice for your Gender Reveal Party and make a serious impression.

Our Favourite Gender Reveal Ideas

Having a Gender Reveal Party can be so much fun. Surrounded by your family and friends, you want to make it the perfect gender reveal! That is why we have put together a HUGE list of different ideas that you can use as a fun way to reveal your baby's sex/gender.

Trying to find a fun gender reveal idea doesn't need to be difficult and you don't have to spend hours scrolling social media to find unique gender reveal ideas, we've aim to provide you with creative ideas for the big reveal.

So without further ado, here is our MASSIVE list of crazy and simple gender reveal ideas you can use for your Gender Reveal Party.

Pink or Blue Smoke Bombs

One of the most creative gender reveal ideas is a pink or blue smoke bomb. It is certainly one of the most noticeable baby gender reveal ideas and involves letting off a continuous stream of bright pink or blue smoke into the air to announce your new baby girl or baby boy.

It creates really aesthetically pleasing videos and photos for social media and works by filling the smoke bomb with pink or blue powder which is then ignited like a firework.

As luck would have it, we sell Gender Reveal Smoke bombs here at Gender Reveal UK for an affordable price.

Pink or Blue Confetti Cannons

Another excited and similar Gender Reveal idea is a blue or pink confetti cannon which works like the smoke bomb except it is all about the initial bang.

The Confetti cannon packs a serious punch and will blast pink or blue confetti into the air to seriously announce your baby's sex/gender to a crowd of awe stricken guests, friends and family.

A big blast for big news! We also sell these at Gender Reveal UK so don't hesitate to buy some from us today!

Pink or Blue Cakes or Cupcakes

This one is quite self explanatory but it can be a super fun idea to have somebody bake you a scrumptious Gender Reveal Cake or Cupcakes.

A big Gender Reveal cake could even be neutral on the outside, decorated in pink or blue candies and then the baby's gender is revealed with pink or blue sponge once you cut into the cake! You could even do it with cake pops if you're feeling particularly cute!

It's certainly a creative gender reveal idea with the added bonus of getting to eat delicious cake afterwards! I'm sure your guests will thank you.

Gender Reveal UK also sell these amazing Cakes and Cupcakes for your Gender Reveal Party, so don't forget to check them out before you go!

Gender Reveal Soccer Ball/Football

If a pink or blue cake isn't for you, another way of inserting some sport into your Gender Reveal Parties is a Gender Reveal Football!

A Gender Reveal Football is filled with either pink or blue colored powder and the idea is that you kick it on the volley which released a burst of pink paint or blue paint into the air!

Some places even have tennis balls, golf balls, baseballs or rugby balls if football is not for you!

Some people have been known to get older siblings involved by having them kick or hit whichever ball you decide to buy!

Gender Reveal UK also sells these with how to instructions so if you want to add a fun twist to your Gender Reveal Party then look no further!

Gender Reveal Balloons

Balloons are such a versatile way of announcing a baby's gender. This is because you can use them in a huge variety of ways.

You could:

Buy some pink or blue balloons

Buy a box of pink or blue helium filled balloons and put them in a box with the lid on, then lift the lid.

Fill a large helium balloon with blue or pink colored confetti and then pop said balloon releasing a blast of confetti into the air

All of these are perfect and fun ways of conducting your baby's gender reveal.

Gender Reveal UK sell all of these varieties of Gender Reveal Balloons so please check them out!

Gender Reveal Games

Gender Reveal Party usually means Gender Reveal games. So if you want a simple gender reveal idea then look no further. You could create a voting ballot box for your guests to vote blue or pink or have a treasure hunt with the answer awarded to the winner!

Some games are based on old wives tales and test to see if they are true just before the baby's gender is revealed!

Using an Older Child/Sibling for the Big Reveal

Another theme that is becoming a more popular is letting an older sibling make the announcement of their little baby brother or baby sister! It is one of the more cuter Gender Reveals and can be done in a manner of different ways, whether it is with blue or pink paint leaving pink or blue handprints, silly string, wearing matching clothes, holding up a message for social media followers or other inventive ways, a lot of people are choosing to ditch Gender Reveal Parties in favour of this more family orientated approach.

The photo generated from this wonderful moment will also create a lasting keepsake for you and your family when the baby arrives.

Baby Clothes with a Reveal Message

This one is more for social media if you have decided that a Gender Reveal Party is not for you. You can announce your baby's gender with a beautifully coordinated photo of a babygro with a blue or pink related message. Just look online for ideas of how to do it and arrange it. You shouldn't struggle to find them as it is becoming a very popular baby gender reveal method.

A Bath Bomb

Bath bombs have become really popular recently, we can't recall a day that we haven't seen a bath bomb being dropped into the water on someone's Instagram or Facebook story in recent memory. So why not take advantage of the trend with a Gender Reveal bath bomb?

The bath bomb will then turn the water either pink or blue to reveal the baby's gender to the world!

Gender Reveal Piñata

This is one of your more 'out there' methods as a Gender Reveal idea but it can certainly be a lot of fun and is available on the internet (usually Etsy).

Everybody has seen a Piñata before but this is one with a Gender Reveal twist! You, your partner and/or an older sibling hit the Piñata with a stick and it bursts with pink or blue paint and confetti!

Its a bit messy but its certainly a hell of a lot of fun!

Gender Reveal Nails

Another really popular social media revelation recently has been the emergence of Gender Reveal Nails!

Some very talented people have even used their nails to add sparklers and announce the gender using the nails themselves!

For us normies, Gender Reveal UK actually sells press on acrylic Gender Reveal nails to stick on top of your nails and add a bit of glam to your Gender Reveal Party!

Gender Reveal Scratch Cards

This is another Gender Reveal idea that Gender Reveal UK has you covered for! Gender Reveal Scratch Cards. These are becoming a lot more popular because they're a really cheap and cheerful to inject a bit of fun into your Gender Reveal Party!

The idea is a simple one, you purchase enough cards for all the guests and they scratch them at the same time, revealing the baby's gender.

Getting your Pet/s Involved in the Fun

Another popular social media trend when it comes to Gender Reveals is getting your pet/s involved in announcing the gender of the baby. This can be having them stand next to an ultrasound scan of your baby with a little blue or pink bow on it.

Putting blue or pink clothes on your pets (safely) or even having them stand next to a little message for your followers to read.

It is a super cute way of revealing your baby's gender and never ceases to amaze!

Blowing Glitter from your Hands

Its all well and good getting a confetti cannon or smoke cannon, but sometimes simple is best and this is one of the simplest gender reveal ideas you can do but it is so effective.

You and your partner hold pink or blue glitter in your hands and once ready open your fist and blow it either into the air or directly at the camera. You could even get creative with filters on your social media and have the coloured glitter on a background of black and white to really make a statement.

Gender Reveal E-Cards

Some people aren't a big fan of social media and haven't got the time to have a Gender Reveal Party, we respect that and have a great idea for you to announce your baby's gender to your family and friends in a classy way.

All you need to do is create an online e-card using a number of websites that allow that sort of thing and send it over to them via email.

Then you can ensure that everybody you love gets the message and can share your exciting news in a subtle and toned down way!

Painted Handprints on your Baby Bump

Another cute way of doing a Gender Reveal is having your partner dip their hands in blue or pink paint and place their hands on your baby bump.

When they pull their hands away everybody on social media or at your Gender Reveal Party (depending on which you decided to do) will then be able to see the baby's gender!

The white t-shirt will also make a great keepsake for the expectant parents and could even frame it for the baby's nursery.

Gender Reveal Cocktails or Mocktails

If you're having a Gender Reveal Party then for a lot of people that means drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic!

Some people have, very smartly, incorporated this into their Gender Reveal Parties by serving either pink lemonade or blue hawaiian punch in a clever little way of revealing the baby's sex to the world.

It also makes for some fantastic pics on social media of everyone with a blue or pink drink in their hand having lots of fun at the party.

Just a shame that the expectant mother can't join in with the alcoholic festivities! I'm sure someone will be kind enough to make her a tasty little mocktail!

Are you Having Twins?

Now then, this can be the ultimate surprise Gender Reveal at your Gender Reveal Party, you're having twins! Especially if they're different genders!

You could reveal this by taking off a sweatshirt and having the news underneath or using any of the other suggestions in this list but obviously with a an amazing twist!

Anything Missing From our List?

Have an amazing idea that you haven't seen in our list? Don't be shy! Let us know and if we love the idea as much as you do then we will add it to the list (with a credit to you). So keep your eyes peeled for more great ideas and help us make this the greatest and most inventive Gender Reveal ideas list ever!

One thing to Watch Out For!

Gender Reveal Parties can be so much fun and exciting but please be aware that Ultrasound scans are not 100% accurate, so be prepared for the big day when the baby arrives and you may not quite have what you expected!

These are all part of the amazing pregnancy journey which is full of wonder and surprises so make sure you enjoy the ride and give your baby lots of love!

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