11 Great DIY Gender Reveal Decorations you can do at home

Hosting a gender reveal party soon and looking for some decorating ideas? Look no further! We have compiled a list of twelve great DIY decorations that you can make yourself at home. From balloons to garlands, confetti poppers to glitter letters-- there’s something for everyone in our guide. Get ready for your big day with these easy-to-do decorations and give your guests something extra special to talk about!


Fill the room with a variety of colourful balloons to create a festive atmosphere for your reveal. Balloons are an inexpensive way to add instant fun and excitement to any gender reveal party. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours and can be hung from walls or ceilings, placed in clusters, or gathered together in bundles for a dramatic look.


Hang up streamers in shades of blue and pink for an eye-catching decoration. Streamers are one of the simplest ways to spruce up any space for your gender reveal and give it a celebratory feel. Choose between single-colour streamers or combine both blue and pink to create stripes, swirls, or other unique designs!


Show off your new bundle of joy with custom banners featuring the baby's name or gender-reveal message. Banners are perfect for displaying important information at gender reveals such as the baby’s name and gender announcement! You can create your own by writing out the phrase on a poster board or purchase one already made at any local craft shop.

Confetti Poppers 

Surprise everyone with a simultaneous confetti blast when you open one of these special poppers! These specially designed poppers contain two chambers filled with either blue or pink confetti that releases when broken open—creating quite a spectacle as everyone finds out if it’s a boy or girl!


Spell out "baby boy" or "baby girl" with a creative garland that matches your party theme. Find some exciting garlands that feature all sorts of decorations such as pom poms, stars, lights, animals, paper cutouts—the list goes on! You can also make your own using cardboard letters and ribbons in shades of blue and pink.

Table Centrepieces 

Create unique centrepieces using self-made invitations and decorations like personalized cake toppers, Mason jar centrepieces, and more! Design elegant table setups with any combination of pillows, flowers, paper fans, or photo frames—whatever suits your style best. Place all pieces around the centrepiece dish; this could be anything from cupcakes decorated with blue/pink icing to small wrapped presents indicating whether it’s a boy or girl inside!

Photo Booth Backdrop 

Take memorable photos in front of a custom photo booth backdrop that features the baby's name or gender reveal message! Make sure everyone gets involved by setting up an area where guests can take pictures—and store them away forever! Decorate the backdrop screen behind it with balloons spelling out “boy” or “girl” for timeless memories guaranteed to make everyone smile.

Paper Flowers 

Arrange large paper flowers in shades of pink and blue to create an elegant look for your gender reveal party. Paper flowers are not only beautiful but also very easy to make yourself at home using materials like tissue paper, construction paper, and card stock paper—the possibilities are endless! Consider going with more natural colours such as white instead if you want something less bold.


Make the day extra fun for kids by having them take turns breaking open a special piñata that reveals if it’s a boy or girl inside! Piñatas come in different shapes and sizes; you can even find ones made specifically for gender reveals too! Simply fill them up with candies then have each child pick one blindly while blindfolded until they finally get the surprise they've been waiting for!

Glitter Letters 

Add some sparkle to your party décor with large glitter letters spelling out “Boy” or “Girl” in separate colours such as blue and pink respectively.. Glitter is always sure to leave people feeling mesmerized so why not take advantage? Choose between various fonts depending on what kind of look you're going for then string them up together like bunting along windowsill walls!

Christmas Lights

Transform any outdoor space into an inviting outdoor venue with white Christmas lights shining along walkways trees, and furniture-- anywhere really!. Not only do twinkling strings bring cheerful vibes but they also serve as great backdrops during group photos later on.

Hosting a gender reveal party can be an exciting time, and with these decoration ideas, you’re sure to create an atmosphere that will make the event even more special. From personalized balloons and glitter letters to paper flowers in pink and blue, you can add meaningful touches that are sure to wow your guests. With some creativity and planning, you can make a truly unique event that everyone will love!

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