Create a Magical Moment with a Royal Theme Gender Reveal Party!

A gender reveal party is one of the most exciting milestones of an expecting couple. While there are many ways to reveal the baby’s gender, a gender reveal party is certainly one of the most fun and magical ways to do so. As the family and friends gather to celebrate, the expectant couple drops hints about their little prince or princess. But what if you want to take things up a notch and make it even more royal? Well, why not host a royal gender reveal party? Yes, you heard that right! A royal gender reveal party is all about creating an aura of royalty around revealing the baby’s gender. It is fun, creative, and really entertaining too. So if you’re looking for royal gender reveal party ideas that will make your guests talk about this celebration for years to come, we have got you covered in this blog.

A Gender Reveal Party Fit for a King or Queen

A gender reveal party is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of your special prince or princess. The party can be tailored to suit your baby's gender, with creative gender reveal cakes, gender reveal invitations, and fun game themes. Inviting your guests with a king or queen gender reveal invitation is another way to create a royal atmosphere. You can also customize the baby's sex reveal party with an editable template featuring a royalty theme, including hanging lights on a chalkboard background and royal baby gender reveal party invite. This will help you create a memorable gender reveal party that everyone will love.

Serve Delicious Food

Start preparing a royal-theme gender reveal party by serving dishes and desserts in shades of blue and pink. You can incorporate a crown or castle motif into your food presentation, using items like flags and gold napkins to create an elegant look. Choose recipes that will please both a prince and a princess, such as chocolate cupcakes topped with white icing and baby blue stars or lamb shanks braised in rosemary with blueberry sauce. Finally, offer guests a selection of drinks with either a light blue or light pink hue. This will help create a magical and memorable gender reveal moment for the whole family.

Creative Decor Ideas

A gender reveal party can be a fun and memorable experience for couples who are planning to reveal the gender of their baby. You can create a royal theme with decorations and make it memorable for the little princess or prince in your life. To create the royal theme, use purple and blue colors for decorations. You can also use baby princess and prince clipart on the digital banner.

Use royal colors such as navy, blush, and turquoise for the decor. Also, incorporate watercolor balloons and floral designs for a beautiful and elegant look. Personalize water bottle labels with a royal twins design to add more uniqueness to the celebration

You can also create some interesting elements for the gender reveal party. For example, you could create an edible gender reveal cake with vanilla flavor or color it with a baby blue shade of frosting. Additionally, you could hold a gender reveal activity where everyone has to guess whether they are looking at a boy or girl in their midst.

Ideas for royal themed games at the party

For a gender reveal party, you can create some magical moments with a royal theme. One idea is to have a Disney princess invitation game. Invite guests beforehand and ask them to dress as their favorite princess. Then, give them a set of princess cupcake toppers and have them pin the crown on the princess on the topper. Another idea is to play “Pin the Crown on the Princess” game. For this, use royal-themed cupcake toppers and have participants pin the crown on princess’s head using a toothpick or paperclip. You can also play “Princess and the Pea” with princess cupcake toppers. This game involves asking guests to find a pea under a pile of royal-colored sand before it gets buried. The last idea is to create a scavenger hunt where participants have to find a royal treasure at the party venue. This can be anything from a golden crown to a tiara and scepter. Finally, you can organize a dress-up contest for guests to wear royal outfits for the gender reveal party.

What is a royal theme gender reveal party?

A royal theme gender reveal party is a celebration of the gender of the baby, where the expectant parents reveal the gender through an exciting reveal element such as a cake or water bottle labels. The royal theme often includes decorations such as royal colors, crowns, banners, and more.
Some couples may opt for a pink and blue theme, such as a cake with a pink interior and blue water bottle labels. A pink and blue theme can be incorporated into the gender reveal element, from the food to the invitations. The themes can be printed or digital, depending on your preference.
The gender reveal element can be tailored to your needs and preferences, from the colors to the details. If you're planning a royal theme gender reveal party, consider incorporating these elements to create a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Gender reveal games and activities

There are so many gender reveal activities to choose from! From guessing the gender with a balloon pop, to baby shower bingo and pin the crown on the baby, there's something for everyone.

Guests can guess the gender by popping a balloon filled with either pink or blue confetti. This is a fun way to create a memorable moment for everyone involved. You could also try baby food taste test or baby shower bingo. These games have participants guess which items are associated with either gender and can be used as a way to celebrate your baby’s arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are some creative ways to reveal the baby's gender at a royal theme gender reveal party?

Are you looking for creative ways to reveal the baby's gender at a royal themed gender reveal party? Here are some fun and unique ideas:
1. Have a royal water bottle label reveal with labels such as "Prince" and "Princess." This will get your guests excited and add to the royal theme of the event.
2. Create a royal themed invitation, such as a Lion King Printable Invitation, to send out to your guests. This will give them something to look forward to at the gender reveal party!
3. Make royal themed centerpieces to go along with the theme. You can create a boxing main event baby shower theme complete with boxing rings, sweet 16th and championship belts - this is sure to be a hit!
4. Use royal themed bears to invite guests and reveal the baby's gender. Place them around the room or have each guest pick one up when they enter to find out if it's a prince or princess.
5. Make a game out of the reveal with activities like baby bingo, mom vs dad, baby ABC, The Price is Right and more! This will help make the event even more special and memorable for everyone involved.

How can I incorporate a royal theme into my gender reveal party decorations?

Throwing a gender reveal party with a royal theme can be a fun and unique way to celebrate the upcoming birth of your baby. Here are some ideas you can use to incorporate a royal prince or princess theme into your gender reveal decorations:
- Get creative with a gender reveal cake by using a royal prince or princess design.
- Use purple and blue digital banners for a gender reveal baby shower. The color combination will definitely set an enchanted feeling.
- Incorporate baby princess or prince clip art or baby ballerina clip art for decorations on the walls and tables.
- Create water bottle labels with royal princes and princesses for an extra touch.
- Get creative and use a lion king printable invitation for the invitees to add a special touch to the party.
These ideas should help you create the perfect royal theme gender reveal party!

What kinds of activities or games can we play at a royal theme gender reveal party?

A royal theme gender reveal party is a unique and fun way to celebrate the special arrival of a little prince or princess. Here are some activities and games that you can play at your gender reveal party:
1. Create a cake with a gender reveal theme, such as a pink or blue frosting center with a crown on top. Ask one of your guests to cut into it so that the gender can be revealed!
2. Send out invitations with a royal theme - think gold crowns or princess tiaras.
3. Decorate the room with royal-themed items, such as crowns, tiaras, and banners of blue and pink fabric.
4. Play a guessing game where guests have to guess the baby's gender or name. You can have a prize for the winner!
5. Have guests make gender reveal water bottle labels, prince and princess themed decorations, or other royal-themed decorations for the celebration!

What type of food should I serve at a royal theme gender reveal party?

A royal gender reveal party is the perfect way to share the exciting news with family and friends! To make your royal theme come to life, consider serving a few of these delicious treats:
1. Gender Reveal Cake: Serve a gender reveal cake with a royal prince or princess theme. This will be sure to draw attention and make a memorable statement!
2. Water Bottle Labels: Add royal decorations to your party by making water bottle labels with prince and princess characters for the guests to take home as souvenirs.
3. Gender Reveal Cookies: Make gender reveal cookies with royal icing for a sweet treat everyone will love.
4. Finger Foods: Serve a variety of finger foods such as sandwiches, pastries, and cakes that suit the royal theme.
5. Table Decor: Add a regal flair to the table decor with crowns, banners, and balloons to really bring your royal gender reveal party to life!


A gender reveal party is all about celebrating the impending birth of your baby! It’s a time to shower your loved ones with love and shower them with blessings. It’s also a time to show your creativity and have fun with it. A royal theme gender reveal party, on the other hand, can add a special touch to your celebration. With beautiful royal-inspired decorations and royal-themed games, you can make the gender reveal party an event to remember!

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