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Easter Themed Gender Reveal Ideas

Easter Themed Gender Reveal Ideas

Are you looking for some fun and creative ideas to reveal the gender of your baby this Easter? If so, read on for some great Easter gender reveal ideas!

Whether you are planning an epic egg hunt or just want to fill a few eggs with confetti, these ideas are sure to make your easter gender reveal celebration extra special. So grab your camera and get ready to celebrate!


Easter egg hunt - hide pink or blue eggs around the house or yard for your guests to find and reveal the baby's gender!

An Easter egg hunt is one of the classic baby gender reveal ideas! Hide pink or blue eggs around the house or yard for your guests to find – make it even more exciting by offering a prize for the first one found. Not only will this be an enjoyable surprise for everyone in attendance, but it can provide great photo ops too for the big reveal! And don't forget - the Easter bunny stands by ready to help with his pink and blue bows. Let the Gender Reveal Party begin!


Dress your Other Children in Pink or Blue Bunny outfits

Another great Easter gender reveal idea, is to dress up your other children/family members in pink or blue bunny outfits depending on whether it is a boy or a girl!

They could hand out candy too if you wanted? Pink candy or blue candy.

It's a creative way of making your big announcement to your family and friends.

Eggs with confetti inside - crack open some eggs to reveal pink or blue confetti

If you're looking for a fun and exciting Easter Gender Reveal Idea in 2023, why not try plastic eggs filled with confetti? After all, what better way to kick off the party season than by cracking open plastic eggs to find whispery blue or bright pink confetti inside? It's sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike, which makes it one of the more inclusive Easter gender reveal ideas.

Not only is it an easy and affordable way to reveal the baby's gender, but it also creates a memorable moment that everyone can enjoy. So go ahead and make this Easter even more special by using plastic eggs filled with colorful confetti for your gender reveal!

Bunnies with bows - have some cute bunnies with either pink or blue bows on them

If you want to forget the Easter Eggs then, let’s get hopping! An easter gender reveal idea with bunnies is the cutest way to unveil your special news. Get some fun-sized furry friends with either a pink or blue ribbon tied around them, whichever colour reveals the gender of the baby!

You can also get some extra props and dress up the bunnies for an extra touch - perhaps with a matching bowtie or by adding little bunny slippers. As your guests and family join in the Easter themed festivities, they can’t help but be filled with excitement as they anticipate your big surprise.


Egg and spoon race - have a race where everyone has to carry an egg on a spoon and see who can make it to the finish line first without dropping their egg!

Ok, maybe back to the Easter Eggs it is then, get your family and friends together for a fun Easter themed gender reveal game with an egg and spoon race.

Kids of all ages will enjoy being part of the suspenseful adventure, as they compete to be the first one to make it to the finish line without dropping their egg!

This is one of the more interactive and fun easter gender reveal ideas and can be fun for the whole family, including the soon to be parents!

Coloured eggs can be hidden along the race route to further add to the excitement, reveal if it is a boy or girl and make crossing that finish line more satisfying. Make sure to award a special prize to the ultimate winner - a sure way to keep everyone's competitive spirit high! If your family is anything like mine, this will be a great incentive!

Easter is a great time to make your big gender reveal announcement and these are just a few creative ideas for hosting a gender reveal party. What better way to introduce your loved ones to the news that you’re having a boy or girl in an exciting way?

Egg-hunts, bunnies with bows, and even an egg-and-spoon race are all fantastic ideas that keep your guests on their toes. Make sure you have a calm atmosphere so everyone can share in the festive joy as they find out if it’s going to be pink or blue!

Spring is finally here, so let's bring some excitement into it with some fun Easter themed gender reveals. Do you have any other creative ideas to add to the list? Let us know your idea!


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Amazing Gender Reveal Quotes to use for your Big Announcement!

Are you looking for the perfect gender reveal quote? Whether you're having a boy or a girl, we've got you covered! Check out our list of quotes for girls and boys that will be sure to get your guests excited about your big reveal. From tie or tutu to pink or blue, there's something for everyone! So what are you waiting for? Get started planning your Gender Reveal Party today!

Classic Gender Reveal Quotes

There are tonnes of different Gender Reveal Quotes to choose from but we thought we would start with the absolute classics.

Team Blue or Team Pink?

Team Boy or Team Girl?

Lord or Lady?

Prince or Princess?

Tie or Tutu?

Any of these are bound to make a big impression either on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok or at your Gender Reveal Party!

TV and Movie Quotes

TV and Movie Characters are always a big hit on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok but also at parties, especially with young children attending.

Why not use some classic comic book, tv, movie, mythological or Disney characters to ramp up the suspense of your Gender Reveal such as:

Bart or Lisa? (The Simpsons)

Thor or Jane Foster? (Marvel)

Odin or Freya? (Norse Mythology)

Monica or Chandler? (Friends)

Sleeping Beauty or Prince Charming? (Disney)

Alma or Pedro (Encanto)

Rhyming Gender Reveal Quotes

With a rhyming gender reveal quote, you can have some fun with your followers as you share this exciting news. Whether it's a heartfelt message, playful pun, or sweet rhyme, let the words reflect your enthusiasm for the new addition to your family. Start crafting your perfect phrase and wait with eager anticipation for He or She!

He or she! What will it be?

Little mister or little sister?

Pink or blue, we all love you!

Blue or pink, what do you think?

Almost time to see, which will it be?

Pink or blue, our dreams come true!

What will it be? We can’t wait to see!

A handsome little he or a beautiful little she?

Twinkle, twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are?

Ten little fingers, ten little toes, two little eyes, and one little nose.

Gender reveals are an exciting and creative way for expecting parents to share their baby news with friends and family. From classic quotes to TV and movie quotes or even rhyming couplets, there are many ways to come up with the perfect gender reveal announcement. This post has gathered some of our favorites, but we’d love to hear more! What unique gender reveal quote do you have in mind? Share it in the comments below and join us as we welcome even more new arrivals into this world. Do you have any other Gender Reveal quotes to add to the list? Let us know! Here's to all the incredible families-to-be out there, we can't wait for your gender reveals soon!

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Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

Are you looking for unique gender reveal ideas for your party? If so, look no further! In this blog post, we'll share some of the most creative and unique ways to reveal the gender of your baby. So whether you're looking for something traditional or something more out-of-the-box, we've got you covered. Keep reading for all the details!

Fill a balloon with pink or blue confetti and have your guests pop it when the time is right

A pop of pink or blue confetti is the perfect addition to your Gender Reveal Party! Fill a clear balloon with either pink or blue confetti and have your guests pop it when the time is right - what could be more exciting in revealing whether you are having a beautiful baby boy or a gorgeous little girl?! This unique Gender Reveal idea will add that extra pop of fun to a memorable day!

Set off a smoke bomb with either pink or blue smoke to reveal the baby's gender

Social media is full of unique Gender Reveal ideas, but one of the trendiest and most exciting trends for a Gender Reveal Party has to be the setting off of a smoke bomb! The surprise that awaits when you and your guests witness the big reveal as either pink or blue smoke will make for an amazing moment in everyone’s memories. What a statement it will make to your friends and family that you are welcoming a special little baby into your life with the knowledge of their gender! Everyone loves a good Gender Reveal party, but one with a smoke bomb is sure to make your Social Media followers do a double-take.

Get creative with food - make Gender Reveal cupcakes or cake pops with either pink or blue frosting on the inside

Gender Reveal Parties are becoming increasingly popular, and they are a great way to show your friends and family the gender of your upcoming baby. To take your Gender Reveal Party to the next level, why not get creative with food and make Gender Reveal cupcakes or cake pops with either pink or blue frosting on the inside! This creative idea will surprise all your guests and add an extra layer of excitement and joy to your Gender Reveal Party. Invite everyone over for a delicious Gender Reveal meal - it'll be something that no one will soon forget!

Give each guest a pinwheel of either pink or blue and have them spin it around at the same time to reveal the baby's gender

Organizing a Gender Reveal Party is an exciting way to reveal the gender of your unborn child. An innovative and creative way to do it is by having each guest spin a pinwheel in either pink or blue and have them come together at the same time to reveal the baby’s gender! It offers something special as everyone gets to contribute, while they all cheer together in celebration of the wonderful news. If you use this method for your Gender Reveal Party, it’s sure to bring everyone together with happy smiles, ready for some fun!

Have a little fun with clothing - dress up in all pink or all blue and see who can guess correctly!

If you're looking to add a little bit of fun and mystery to your Gender Reveal party, consider dressing up in all pink or all blue clothing! Ask everyone attending the party to guess whether they think blue or pink is your reveal. You can even have prizes for the guests who guess correctly! It's a fun and creative way to create some suspense and laughter when you finally announce the gender of your bundle of joy.


Planning a Gender Reveal Party is always so much fun - there are so many creative ideas you can come up with! From popping a Gender Reveal balloon filled with pink or blue confetti, to setting off a smoke bomb with either pink or blue smoke, to making food like cupcakes or cake pops with either pink or blue frosting on the inside, to giving each guest a pinwheel of either pink or blue and having them spin it around at the same time, to dressing up in all pink or all blue to see who can guess correctly - the possibilities are endless! We hope these few gender reveal party ideas help inspire you and your guests. Do you have any other creative ideas to add to the list? Let us know; we would love to hear them! In the meanwhile, we wish you the best of luck as you plan your own unique Gender Reveal Party!

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Who to Invite to your Gender Reveal Party?

When you're pregnant and waiting to find out the gender of your baby, it can be tough to keep the suspense. You may have visions of a big reveal party with all your friends and family, but who should you actually invite? Here's a helpful guide on who to include in your gender reveal party plans!

Family - Parents, Siblings, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins

Celebrating the new addition to your family can be a very special moment, and you should find creative ways to share the gender of your baby with family and friends in a fun and loving way. While sending out invitations for your Gender Reveal Party, make sure to include all of your nearest and dearest - parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and more! Don't forget those who have been there from the beginning: from the moment you found out about having a baby, until you now reveal its gender - each of these loved ones has been part of your special journey! It will be an amazing way for family and friends to share their love as they join together in anticipation of that amazing reveal.

Best friends - the ones who have been there since the beginning

When it comes to planning a Gender Reveal Party, the best people to include would be those closest in your life who have clearly shown their love and support. These special individuals are your friends who have been around since the beginnings when everything was just an idea; they’re your biggest cheerleaders. From celebration moments over coffee to attending doctor appointments with you, these individuals deserve an invite to your Gender Reveal Party – after all, the goal is for them to join the journey of anticipating the gender of your precious baby with you. Love can go a long way, so don’t be scared to reach out and bring them into this exciting and most important moment!

Neighbours - because why not include them in the fun!

When you are expecting a new addition to your family, it is only natural to want to share the exciting news and include those special people in your life. Neighbours are those lovely people who live near you and will be a part of your village growing up, so why not invite them too! When hosting a Gender Reveal Party for friends and family, sending out invitations to your neighbours is a great way to show them you appreciate them as part of the local community and love them enough to want to share in this special moment. Your neighbours will be delighted at being included and they will be able to join in the fun, cheers of joy and reveal when learning what gender the baby is!

Co-workers - because they are part of your life too!

Co-workers can be part of your life too, so don't forget to include them in your gender reveal party invitations! Love and work go hand in hand - a baby announcement is the perfect occasion to invite those who have been part of your journey. Letting them celebrate this amazing moment with you as to learn the gender of your precious little bundle really shows how much you care! Gender Reveal Parties are an inclusive event for all to show their love for the mommy-to-be and her little one, so make sure you invite all of your co-workers!

Let Us Know Who You Would Invite

A Gender Reveal Party is a fun way to celebrate the joys of growing your family. Whether you invite family, neighbors, co-workers or best friends, it’s important to include those who have been with you since the beginning and share in your excitement. After reading this post, consider inviting parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins, your closest and dearest best friends, neighbors and even co-workers. With this approach you can make sure all the special people in your life get to take part of on all the joy that comes with planning for a new member of your family! Who would you invite to your Gender Reveal Party? Let us know!

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What food to have at your Gender Reveal Party - Easy Ideas & Suggestions

What food to have at your Gender Reveal Party - Easy Ideas & Suggestions

Are you looking for some inspiration on what food to have at your gender reveal party? If so, you've come to the right place! In this blog post, we'll share some easy ideas and suggestions for what to serve. Whether you're looking for something sweet or savoury, we've got you covered! So let's get started...

Pinwheels - a classic party food that can be easily made to fit a gender reveal theme

Pinwheels have been a classic party food for many years but they are suitable for a wide array of events due to their versatility. The bonus is that they can be customized to fit any colour scheme, which makes them an ideal choice for gender reveal parties.

Pinwheels offer guests a delicious grab-n-go snack option, and with just a few items you will create a stunning tabletop display. The basic ingredients require tortillas, cream cheese, and salsa - all of which are easily customised with your favourite flavours and colours.

With the tortilla unrolled and spread with your desired toppings, roll it up tightly before cutting the roll into slices about an inch thick. Once finished you will have beautiful pinwheel “bites” that can be arranged onto platters however you desire – there are no limits to how creative you get!

Cupcakes - another easy option that can be decorated in blue or pink depending on the baby's gender

Cupcakes are a timeless option for celebrating the arrival of a new baby. They can be personalized in many ways, such as decorating them to represent the gender of the little one.

Blue and pink are the traditional colours for boy and girl babies respectively, but designing cupcakes to suit any colour palette is easy with frosting, sprinkles, and other creative toppings.

Cupcakes also make putting together treat bags for guests quick and painless – so if you're planning a baby shower or just want to celebrate your own little bundle of joy, keep cupcakes in mind!

Pink or blue candy - fill up bowls with either colour of candy and let guests take their pick

Adding a fun twist to any party, bowlfuls of pink and blue candy are sure to be crowd-pleasers. Let your guests mix and match sugary treats by filling up bowls with both colours.

Not only are the colour options aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide a tasty treat while creating a playful atmosphere. Whether they just enjoy eating something sweet or if they have a favourite colour combination, it's something everyone can get excited about!

A cake - have a baker make a cake with either blue or pink filling inside, depending on the big reveal

Having a gender reveal cake with a surprise inside adds an exciting element to any special event. When it comes to this fun twist, incorporating blue or pink filling can be especially meaningful.

The baker simply melts the colour of your choice into the batter and once the cake is cut, guests will be amazed at the reveal! Make sure to leave room aside for cakes from family and friends but why not give your guests something extra special? Incorporating a coloured filling when having a baker make your cake is an excellent way to cap off the celebration.

Finger foods - think about serving light snacks like chips and dip, veggies and dip, fruit, etc.

Finger foods are a great choice for any get-together because they can easily be tailored to taste and dietary preferences. Whether you're hosting an adult social event or a kid's birthday party, there are lots of options to choose from when it comes to finger foods!

From crunchy chips and creamy dips to colourful arrays of cut vegetables, the array of choices ensures that everyone has something tasty on hand. Of course, fruit is always a hit as well, so don't forget to include some easy-to-pick-up fruits like strawberries, grapes, and melon cubes.

Finger food platters can also be used as meal alternatives or as light bites in between regular meals. With these tips in mind, you'll be sure to find the perfect combination of snacks for your next gathering.

Drinks - don't forget to have non-alcoholic options like soda and water available for guests

Gender Reveal parties are becoming increasingly popular and more memorable experiences, so don't forget to provide beverages for your guests. While alcoholic drinks may be a staple, you should also include an assortment of non-alcoholic beverages such as sodas and water – or any other options you deem appropriate.

Not everyone wants to or can consume alcohol, so it's important to have plenty of other options for them to cheers with! Providing non-alcoholic drinks is the perfect way to ensure that everyone in attendance can join in the fun without worry.

As you can see, there are lots of options for throwing a fun, and tasty, gender reveal party. Whether you’re a Pinterest whiz or just looking for easy ideas that still feel special, we hope this post was able to provide at least a few ideas that will help you create the perfect event for your family.

And once the excitement has settled about finding out whether it's a girl or a boy—then it's time to plan those baby showers! Let us know what ideas you've come up with for your own gender reveal events in the comments below — we'd love to hear from you.

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11 Great DIY Gender Reveal Decorations you can do at home

Hosting a gender reveal party soon and looking for some decorating ideas? Look no further! We have compiled a list of twelve great DIY decorations that you can make yourself at home. From balloons to garlands, confetti poppers to glitter letters-- there’s something for everyone in our guide. Get ready for your big day with these easy-to-do decorations and give your guests something extra special to talk about!


Fill the room with a variety of colourful balloons to create a festive atmosphere for your reveal. Balloons are an inexpensive way to add instant fun and excitement to any gender reveal party. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours and can be hung from walls or ceilings, placed in clusters, or gathered together in bundles for a dramatic look.


Hang up streamers in shades of blue and pink for an eye-catching decoration. Streamers are one of the simplest ways to spruce up any space for your gender reveal and give it a celebratory feel. Choose between single-colour streamers or combine both blue and pink to create stripes, swirls, or other unique designs!


Show off your new bundle of joy with custom banners featuring the baby's name or gender-reveal message. Banners are perfect for displaying important information at gender reveals such as the baby’s name and gender announcement! You can create your own by writing out the phrase on a poster board or purchase one already made at any local craft shop.

Confetti Poppers 

Surprise everyone with a simultaneous confetti blast when you open one of these special poppers! These specially designed poppers contain two chambers filled with either blue or pink confetti that releases when broken open—creating quite a spectacle as everyone finds out if it’s a boy or girl!


Spell out "baby boy" or "baby girl" with a creative garland that matches your party theme. Find some exciting garlands that feature all sorts of decorations such as pom poms, stars, lights, animals, paper cutouts—the list goes on! You can also make your own using cardboard letters and ribbons in shades of blue and pink.

Table Centrepieces 

Create unique centrepieces using self-made invitations and decorations like personalized cake toppers, Mason jar centrepieces, and more! Design elegant table setups with any combination of pillows, flowers, paper fans, or photo frames—whatever suits your style best. Place all pieces around the centrepiece dish; this could be anything from cupcakes decorated with blue/pink icing to small wrapped presents indicating whether it’s a boy or girl inside!

Photo Booth Backdrop 

Take memorable photos in front of a custom photo booth backdrop that features the baby's name or gender reveal message! Make sure everyone gets involved by setting up an area where guests can take pictures—and store them away forever! Decorate the backdrop screen behind it with balloons spelling out “boy” or “girl” for timeless memories guaranteed to make everyone smile.

Paper Flowers 

Arrange large paper flowers in shades of pink and blue to create an elegant look for your gender reveal party. Paper flowers are not only beautiful but also very easy to make yourself at home using materials like tissue paper, construction paper, and card stock paper—the possibilities are endless! Consider going with more natural colours such as white instead if you want something less bold.


Make the day extra fun for kids by having them take turns breaking open a special piñata that reveals if it’s a boy or girl inside! Piñatas come in different shapes and sizes; you can even find ones made specifically for gender reveals too! Simply fill them up with candies then have each child pick one blindly while blindfolded until they finally get the surprise they've been waiting for!

Glitter Letters 

Add some sparkle to your party décor with large glitter letters spelling out “Boy” or “Girl” in separate colours such as blue and pink respectively.. Glitter is always sure to leave people feeling mesmerized so why not take advantage? Choose between various fonts depending on what kind of look you're going for then string them up together like bunting along windowsill walls!

Christmas Lights

Transform any outdoor space into an inviting outdoor venue with white Christmas lights shining along walkways trees, and furniture-- anywhere really!. Not only do twinkling strings bring cheerful vibes but they also serve as great backdrops during group photos later on.

Hosting a gender reveal party can be an exciting time, and with these decoration ideas, you’re sure to create an atmosphere that will make the event even more special. From personalized balloons and glitter letters to paper flowers in pink and blue, you can add meaningful touches that are sure to wow your guests. With some creativity and planning, you can make a truly unique event that everyone will love!

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Creative Gender Reveal Ideas to Help you Announce your Wonderful News

Creative Gender Reveal Ideas to Help you Announce your Wonderful News

What is a Gender Reveal?

A Gender Reveal is when you decide to find out the gender of your baby before it is born (usually via an Ultrasound scan) and then share that news with your loved ones and/or social media followers in different and creative ways for everyone to enjoy!

Need Some Good Ideas?

So, you're thinking of having a Gender Reveal Party and you want the next unique gender reveal ideas that will wow all the guests and whoever sees it on your social media?

Well don't worry because we have got your covered with all kinds of Gender Reveal ideas to announce your baby's gender. This can be your exhaustive list of all things Gender Reveal.

The truth is that everybody is looking for cool gender reveal ideas or fun gender reveal ideas but the likelihood of finding a truly unique gender reveal idea is not extremely high. The good news however is that, just because somebody else may have done it, doesn't mean its not a cute gender reveal idea!

We'll try our best to list the creative gender reveal ideas that people have come up with so you can make a choice for your Gender Reveal Party and make a serious impression.

Our Favourite Gender Reveal Ideas

Having a Gender Reveal Party can be so much fun. Surrounded by your family and friends, you want to make it the perfect gender reveal! That is why we have put together a HUGE list of different ideas that you can use as a fun way to reveal your baby's sex/gender.

Trying to find a fun gender reveal idea doesn't need to be difficult and you don't have to spend hours scrolling social media to find unique gender reveal ideas, we've aim to provide you with creative ideas for the big reveal.

So without further ado, here is our MASSIVE list of crazy and simple gender reveal ideas you can use for your Gender Reveal Party.

Pink or Blue Smoke Bombs

One of the most creative gender reveal ideas is a pink or blue smoke bomb. It is certainly one of the most noticeable baby gender reveal ideas and involves letting off a continuous stream of bright pink or blue smoke into the air to announce your new baby girl or baby boy.

It creates really aesthetically pleasing videos and photos for social media and works by filling the smoke bomb with pink or blue powder which is then ignited like a firework.

As luck would have it, we sell Gender Reveal Smoke bombs here at Gender Reveal UK for an affordable price.

Pink or Blue Confetti Cannons

Another excited and similar Gender Reveal idea is a blue or pink confetti cannon which works like the smoke bomb except it is all about the initial bang.

The Confetti cannon packs a serious punch and will blast pink or blue confetti into the air to seriously announce your baby's sex/gender to a crowd of awe stricken guests, friends and family.

A big blast for big news! We also sell these at Gender Reveal UK so don't hesitate to buy some from us today!

Pink or Blue Cakes or Cupcakes

This one is quite self explanatory but it can be a super fun idea to have somebody bake you a scrumptious Gender Reveal Cake or Cupcakes.

A big Gender Reveal cake could even be neutral on the outside, decorated in pink or blue candies and then the baby's gender is revealed with pink or blue sponge once you cut into the cake! You could even do it with cake pops if you're feeling particularly cute!

It's certainly a creative gender reveal idea with the added bonus of getting to eat delicious cake afterwards! I'm sure your guests will thank you.

Gender Reveal UK also sell these amazing Cakes and Cupcakes for your Gender Reveal Party, so don't forget to check them out before you go!

Gender Reveal Soccer Ball/Football

If a pink or blue cake isn't for you, another way of inserting some sport into your Gender Reveal Parties is a Gender Reveal Football!

A Gender Reveal Football is filled with either pink or blue colored powder and the idea is that you kick it on the volley which released a burst of pink paint or blue paint into the air!

Some places even have tennis balls, golf balls, baseballs or rugby balls if football is not for you!

Some people have been known to get older siblings involved by having them kick or hit whichever ball you decide to buy!

Gender Reveal UK also sells these with how to instructions so if you want to add a fun twist to your Gender Reveal Party then look no further!

Gender Reveal Balloons

Balloons are such a versatile way of announcing a baby's gender. This is because you can use them in a huge variety of ways.

You could:

Buy some pink or blue balloons

Buy a box of pink or blue helium filled balloons and put them in a box with the lid on, then lift the lid.

Fill a large helium balloon with blue or pink colored confetti and then pop said balloon releasing a blast of confetti into the air

All of these are perfect and fun ways of conducting your baby's gender reveal.

Gender Reveal UK sell all of these varieties of Gender Reveal Balloons so please check them out!

Gender Reveal Games

Gender Reveal Party usually means Gender Reveal games. So if you want a simple gender reveal idea then look no further. You could create a voting ballot box for your guests to vote blue or pink or have a treasure hunt with the answer awarded to the winner!

Some games are based on old wives tales and test to see if they are true just before the baby's gender is revealed!

Using an Older Child/Sibling for the Big Reveal

Another theme that is becoming a more popular is letting an older sibling make the announcement of their little baby brother or baby sister! It is one of the more cuter Gender Reveals and can be done in a manner of different ways, whether it is with blue or pink paint leaving pink or blue handprints, silly string, wearing matching clothes, holding up a message for social media followers or other inventive ways, a lot of people are choosing to ditch Gender Reveal Parties in favour of this more family orientated approach.

The photo generated from this wonderful moment will also create a lasting keepsake for you and your family when the baby arrives.

Baby Clothes with a Reveal Message

This one is more for social media if you have decided that a Gender Reveal Party is not for you. You can announce your baby's gender with a beautifully coordinated photo of a babygro with a blue or pink related message. Just look online for ideas of how to do it and arrange it. You shouldn't struggle to find them as it is becoming a very popular baby gender reveal method.

A Bath Bomb

Bath bombs have become really popular recently, we can't recall a day that we haven't seen a bath bomb being dropped into the water on someone's Instagram or Facebook story in recent memory. So why not take advantage of the trend with a Gender Reveal bath bomb?

The bath bomb will then turn the water either pink or blue to reveal the baby's gender to the world!

Gender Reveal Piñata

This is one of your more 'out there' methods as a Gender Reveal idea but it can certainly be a lot of fun and is available on the internet (usually Etsy).

Everybody has seen a Piñata before but this is one with a Gender Reveal twist! You, your partner and/or an older sibling hit the Piñata with a stick and it bursts with pink or blue paint and confetti!

Its a bit messy but its certainly a hell of a lot of fun!

Gender Reveal Nails

Another really popular social media revelation recently has been the emergence of Gender Reveal Nails!

Some very talented people have even used their nails to add sparklers and announce the gender using the nails themselves!

For us normies, Gender Reveal UK actually sells press on acrylic Gender Reveal nails to stick on top of your nails and add a bit of glam to your Gender Reveal Party!

Gender Reveal Scratch Cards

This is another Gender Reveal idea that Gender Reveal UK has you covered for! Gender Reveal Scratch Cards. These are becoming a lot more popular because they're a really cheap and cheerful to inject a bit of fun into your Gender Reveal Party!

The idea is a simple one, you purchase enough cards for all the guests and they scratch them at the same time, revealing the baby's gender.

Getting your Pet/s Involved in the Fun

Another popular social media trend when it comes to Gender Reveals is getting your pet/s involved in announcing the gender of the baby. This can be having them stand next to an ultrasound scan of your baby with a little blue or pink bow on it.

Putting blue or pink clothes on your pets (safely) or even having them stand next to a little message for your followers to read.

It is a super cute way of revealing your baby's gender and never ceases to amaze!

Blowing Glitter from your Hands

Its all well and good getting a confetti cannon or smoke cannon, but sometimes simple is best and this is one of the simplest gender reveal ideas you can do but it is so effective.

You and your partner hold pink or blue glitter in your hands and once ready open your fist and blow it either into the air or directly at the camera. You could even get creative with filters on your social media and have the coloured glitter on a background of black and white to really make a statement.

Gender Reveal E-Cards

Some people aren't a big fan of social media and haven't got the time to have a Gender Reveal Party, we respect that and have a great idea for you to announce your baby's gender to your family and friends in a classy way.

All you need to do is create an online e-card using a number of websites that allow that sort of thing and send it over to them via email.

Then you can ensure that everybody you love gets the message and can share your exciting news in a subtle and toned down way!

Painted Handprints on your Baby Bump

Another cute way of doing a Gender Reveal is having your partner dip their hands in blue or pink paint and place their hands on your baby bump.

When they pull their hands away everybody on social media or at your Gender Reveal Party (depending on which you decided to do) will then be able to see the baby's gender!

The white t-shirt will also make a great keepsake for the expectant parents and could even frame it for the baby's nursery.

Gender Reveal Cocktails or Mocktails

If you're having a Gender Reveal Party then for a lot of people that means drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic!

Some people have, very smartly, incorporated this into their Gender Reveal Parties by serving either pink lemonade or blue hawaiian punch in a clever little way of revealing the baby's sex to the world.

It also makes for some fantastic pics on social media of everyone with a blue or pink drink in their hand having lots of fun at the party.

Just a shame that the expectant mother can't join in with the alcoholic festivities! I'm sure someone will be kind enough to make her a tasty little mocktail!

Are you Having Twins?

Now then, this can be the ultimate surprise Gender Reveal at your Gender Reveal Party, you're having twins! Especially if they're different genders!

You could reveal this by taking off a sweatshirt and having the news underneath or using any of the other suggestions in this list but obviously with a an amazing twist!

Anything Missing From our List?

Have an amazing idea that you haven't seen in our list? Don't be shy! Let us know and if we love the idea as much as you do then we will add it to the list (with a credit to you). So keep your eyes peeled for more great ideas and help us make this the greatest and most inventive Gender Reveal ideas list ever!

One thing to Watch Out For!

Gender Reveal Parties can be so much fun and exciting but please be aware that Ultrasound scans are not 100% accurate, so be prepared for the big day when the baby arrives and you may not quite have what you expected!

These are all part of the amazing pregnancy journey which is full of wonder and surprises so make sure you enjoy the ride and give your baby lots of love!

Shop at Gender Reveal UK for all of your Gender Reveal Party essentials and Party Supplies!

Gender Reveal UK are the only dedicated Gender Reveal website in the UK. So shop here for all everything you need for your Gender Reveal Party whether you're the host or the guests, check out our amazing gifts, balloons, smoke bombs, cakes and much more to ensure you have best Gender Reveal party ever!

All orders over £30 qualify for free delivery. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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The Best Gender Reveal Gifts to bring to a Gender Reveal Party

The Best Gender Reveal Gifts to bring to a Gender Reveal Party

What Gift should I bring to a Gender Reveal Party or Baby Shower?

Its the age old question, what Gender Reveal gifts are the best? What will the expectant parents to be want to receive from you? Everybody wants to buy the perfect gift.

Have no fear, we will discuss our favorite gender reveal gifts and baby shower gifts here and make sure you can bring a great gender reveal gift or a great keepsake for a baby shower.

Below we have listed all of our personal favourite Gender Reveal gifts to give you a sense of what you should be looking for when trying to find that perfect gift for that will stand out as thoughtful and helpful, not just the usual tat or a boring card! Don't worry we've got you covered! Celebrate finding out the Gender of the baby in style!

Our Favourite Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

Gender Reveal Parties and Baby Showers are so much fun and are becoming ever more popular with expecting parents to be, especially here in the UK. It is not quite as big as it is in the U.S but we are certainly making a concerted effort to catch our American counterparts!

We've been to our fair share of Gender Reveals, so we decided it would be kind of us to let you in on some great ideas for Gender Reveal gifts for any upcoming Gender Reveal Party! You're Welcome!

For anyone who hasn't attended any Gender Reveal Parties, usually they follow a similar format to a baby shower i.e. you bring a simple gift and celebrate revealing the baby's gender with the new parents to be. This will usually be done with just close friends and family.

There is no proper etiquette really, you mostly take the lead from the expecting parents or somebody who has attended a Gender Reveal party before.

Usually, the party is the place where the gender will be revealed so you don't need to buy gender specific gifts, so without further ado, here are our favourite gender reveal party gifts!

A Babygro with a Cute Message

When the baby arrives, they're going to wee and poo A LOT and need lots of clothes changes as well as nappy changes. Having new super soft babygros to hand will be fantastic at 3am for most new parents. It is a practical gender reveal gift that will be appreciated a lot by mum and dad to be. Also they usually come in white or other gender neutral colors so you won't need to pick something specifically gendered.

We consider it to be one of the best gifts you can buy for a father and mother to be and while it may be a small gift, it can go a long way. We consider them a must have gift!

You can find these all over the internet and they are surprisingly budget friendly.

A Pregnancy Pillow for the Mother to Be

If you talk to any mother they will tell you that a pregnancy pillow was an absolute life saver for them. It is an extremely thoughtful gift for an expectant mother. Of all of the gift ideas, this is one that seems off topic slightly as it isn't necessarily a gender reveal gift but you could argue its more on the baby shower side of the spectrum.

Not only is it a great gift idea, it is probably the perfect gift you can buy for a pregnant woman. They will thank you when they can finally get enough sleep without being really uncomfortable all night!

There are some expensive pillows online that you may find but honestly, in our experience the budget friendly ones are just as good, its more about the shape than the material quality.

Baby Milestone Blanket and Cards

Another cute Gender Reveal gift idea is a baby milestone blanket complete with milestone cards. These are incredibly cute gifts for new parents and a new baby. This is a really sweet gender reveal gift idea and allows new parents to track the milestones of their new baby from birth to their first tooth!

You will definitely feel the appreciation of any new parent if you buy them this Gender Reveal gift.

New Mum and Dad to be Mugs

A mug is probably on the list of very British Gender Reveal Gift ideas but we love them! If it were up to us we would have a new mug to celebrate every major life achievement! If you feel the same way then Mum and Dad mugs can be a fun way to celebrate becoming a new mum or new dad!

Admittedly it doesn't come under the realms of Gender Reveal Party gifts but it will definitely be appreciated.

So if you're looking for a subtle but fun gender reveal gift then look now further than matching parent mugs!

A Packet of Diapers/Nappies

On the face of it, this might seem like an obvious, less thoughtful Gender Reveal gift, but the fact is you can never have enough diapers/nappies! Admittedly in the grand scheme of Gender Reveal gift ideas there have been more inventive gifts than a nappy/diaper bag however, this really could be the perfect gift for a mama to be! They're the cornerstone of looking after a new baby! You can guarantee that they will be put to use even if they aren't exactly a unique gift or take pride of place in the baby's nursery.

Maternity Clothes for Mama to be

This may not be one of the perfect Gender Reveal gifts for the Gender Reveal Party itself but in terms of practical gift ideas for a pregnant woman you can't go wrong! Especially if they're a close friend or family member as you will know what their style is and pick them something really cute in a lovely gift box!

Even though its not really on the nose for a Gender Reveal gift, everybody else at the Gender Reveal Party will likely get those so something comfy and lovely for Mum may end up secretly being the best Gender Reveal gift idea ever!

Little Baby Wash Bag

When the new baby is born and even into their toddler years, they're going to need the grooming basics right? So why not buy a little wash bag with all of the baby essentials inside? Everything from a little comb and hairbrush to baby nail clippers can be included! They're really lovely and practical gender reveal gifts that will be appreciated by the mum and dad to be and family members alike!

Baby Hand and Footprint Set

This is another of the more out there Gender Reveal gifts that has become more and more popular in recent years and is another of the great gender reveal gift ideas because it is gender neutral, meaning you can buy it with zero consequences and zero guesswork!

The idea is that the set will have some non-toxic ink and pieces of paper (sometimes its a mould) and the new parents will get a cast or print of their bundle of joy's hand and footprint as a keepsake.

These are amongst the best gender reveal gifts due to the low price and effort required.

A White Noise Machine or Stuffed Toy

Another of the practical gender reveal gifts and again it doesn't scream Gender Reveal Party but, hear us out!

These are not only a life saver when you're trying to get your baby to sleep but also, if you go down the stuffed toy route, they can be beautifully disguised as a little companion for the baby too.

White Noise has been proven to simulate the noises in the womb and help babies go to sleep quicker and for longer so think about this when trying to come up with gifts to buy because they're a very good little present.

A Baby Cushion

We're still going with practical gifts here but if you bring one of these to the Gender Reveal Party and there are any parents there, they will tell you how amazing their baby cushion has been.

So again, while it doesn't say "lets get this Gender Reveal Party started" it is amazing for parents to sit their little baby on and it gentle cuddles them and keeps them all warm and cozy, and who doesn't want that? We certainly do!

A Pregnancy Journal

Again, this doesn't strictly come under the umbrella of "gender reveal gift ideas" but it is a great idea for a mama to be and they will seriously appreciate it. It's also an amazing gender neutral option to consider when getting a gift for the new parent.

A Pregnancy Journal is a great way for a mother to be to write down all of her innermost thoughts about her pregnancy and feelings during the 9 months that she is growing her baby.

It really is a great gift and can allow the mother to write letters to their baby or other cute messages to her baby.

A Pregnancy Belly Casting Kit

A pregnancy belly casting kit is another gender neutral idea that isn't on enough gender reveal gift ideas lists! It is a brilliant gift that can be enjoyed by the whole family and make a great keepsake for the mother, father and baby in the future!

It comes in a pack with all of the materials you need to make a cast of the mother's belly.

Voucher Gifts

Some people think a voucher is a lazy gift but we disagree! It gives the receiver the option to go and get what they want to get, whether that be a couples massage, a date night, a hospital bag or a super soft cuddly toy for the baby! You can also get a lovely gift box for the voucher to make it look more like it is for the baby, even if it is for the parents to be to have fun! Parents deserve fun too guys!

Gender Reveal Tableware

Add a bit of fun to the gender reveal party with some lovely gender reveal themed tableware! It is all gender neutral so you can buy it with peace of mind that you won't spoil the surprise or have to guess the gender of the baby beforehand!

We also sell these at Gender Reveals UK so no need to go any further to get some adorable paper plates, knives, forks, spoons and napkins to help make the gender reveal party a bit more fun and stylish!

Its all available for a low and affordable price too!

Any Missing From the List?

Here at Gender Reveal UK we are always open to ideas so please let us know if you have any amazing gifts that you think would complement this list.

We will happily add them (with a credit) if we are suitably impressed!

Shop at Gender Reveal UK for all of your Gender Reveal Party essentials and Party Supplies!

Don't forget that Gender Reveals UK are the one stop shop for all things Gender Reveal Party so don't forget to check out our wares whether you're the host or the guest and grab yourself some amazing gifts, supplies, balloons, sports themed balls, decorations or Gender Reveal Cannons to make sure its the greatest party ever!

Don't Break the Bank

One final thing before we leave you, it is important when thinking about Gender Reveal gifts is not to go too crazy. Take into account that everybody that has been invited to the Gender Reveal Party will be bringing a gift and it will be really important for the host to just have you there for the support. So make sure you only buy what you are comfortable with and happy to bring along as its no use going and buying something really expensive that probably won't even be used.

That's why we've tried to keep our list cheap and cheerful as well as insightful and fun, hopefully we have listed something that really speaks to you and the new mum and dad!

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Top 20 Gender Reveal Party Games

Top 20 Gender Reveal Party Games

You're going to love these top 5 Gender Reveal Party games that you can play at your Baby Shower/Gender Reveal party.

Here we will list our favourite Gender Reveal game ideas that are perfect for baby showers and Gender Reveal Parties.

20 Super Fun Game Ideas for Mum or Dad to be at Your Gender Reveal Party!

Gender Reveal Parties/Baby Shower are great fun for all the guests and for the parents to be. Here we will tell you our top 5 Gender Reveal games to play that should last a few hours and be so much fun.

For some people, just revealing the baby's gender is enough, but you can make your Gender Reveal party a bit more interactive and fun for all the guests too if you like.

Sometimes it's quite difficult to think of fun gender reveal games but maybe we can help getting your brain working and come up with cute game ideas yourself.

So without further ado, here is our list of classic game ideas for your Gender Reveal Party.

Top 20 Gender Reveal Party games/Baby Shower

Here is the list of Gender Reveal party games for your party guests to enjoy.

Baby Voting Ballot

This simple fun game for you and your party guests. All you need is a box and pieces of paper. Gender Reveal UK supply all your guests need right here.

Like all guessing games, on the printed sheets you need to write down your predictions for the baby, which can range from baby gender to weight at birth. People can decide if they are team blue or team pink!

Some answers you will get right away and some you will need to wait for!

Baby ABC Game

This party game idea is super simple again. Split your guests into teams of pink or blue and list the entire alphabet.

Team boy must then try to think of a boys name for each letter and Team girl must do the same but for girls names. Whoever thinks of the most names wins! This could also be great for canvassing baby name ideas!

A Scavenger Hunt with Clues!

Another fun one for this list of baby gender reveal games is the scavenger hunt! You could set your own clues that eventually lead to your scan picture, use pink or blue paint and even a small prize at the end!

Baby Trivia Quiz

Everybody loves a quiz! Especially if you're good at hosting them. This will really get your guests talking as you can ask lots of questions about babies including ones about old wives tales and classic nursery rhymes!

Gender Reveal Scratch Cards

This is a cheap and cheerful Gender Reveal game idea for your Gender Reveal Party/Baby Shower. You buy some Gender Reveal scratch cards like these ones from Gender Reveal UK and all the guests receive one.

They then scratch them off and the baby's gender is revealed. It is the most simple Gender Reveal game you can play but it is also a really fun party game. People can even decide beforehand if they are team pink or team blue.

Guess Who

This party game requires a bit of participation from your guests. Ask all of your guests to baby pictures of themselves to the party host and print this photos off. Then guests guess which baby pictures belong to each person. This Gender Reveal Party game is a great icebreaker for some guests that may not have met before.

Fishing for Dummies

This Gender Reveal Party Game is similar for bobbing for apples at Halloween except the 'apples' in this scenario are actually babies dummys. Each guest will have to dip their head into the water and try to fish out a dummy with their mouth. This can be a bit messy so you may need to put towels down before you start!

Baby Charades

This game is really easy to play and again very budget friendly. Everybody has played charades before but making this about babies is a great way of making it a Gender Reveal Party game! There are plenty of baby charades card sets to buy online or you could create your own using some of the examples below:

My waters broke

Burping the baby

Baby's first steps


Nursery Rhyme

Baby Food

Old Wives Tales

Baby Animals

Pin the Dummy on the Baby

Everybody has heard of 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey', well this Gender Reveal Party game is all about pinning a pink or blue dummy (or pink or blue pacifier as the Americans would say) into a picture of a baby's mouth. The idea is that your guests would be blindfolded obviously when doing this as it would be super easy!

Don't Say Baby

This really simple and budget friendly baby game is lots of fun for you and your guests. All you need to do is pin 5 pegs to each of your guests upon arrival and give them the simple instruction of "Don't Say Baby". Each time they say "baby", any of the guests can remove one of their pegs. Whoever ends up with no pegs left first must do a forfeit!

Diaper Raffle

We've borrowed this idea from our American counterparts but it is a great game idea so I'm sure they won't mind.

The idea behind 'diaper raffle' or 'nappy raffle' for us Brits is that each guest brings a packet of nappies (or more than 1 if they're feeling generous) and that gets you a raffle ticket. The expectant parents then draw a number out of a hat and the winner (hopefully one of the guests) gets a lovely prize whereas the parents to be get lots of lots of nappies for when the baby arrives! Seems like a good deal to us!

Dummy Hunt (or again Pacifier Hunt for our American readers)

This is really similar to the scavenger hunt except your hide 1 dummy either in the house or outside the house if the weather is permitting and you have a lovely garden! You could even make it a gender reveal game by making the dummy pink or blue!

Don't Drop the Baby (Egg)

Want to take people back in time to their school sports day? Why not put on a classic egg and spoon race but with a twist. You can draw a picture of a baby on each egg and set up 2 teams. Each person from 1 team has to make it to the end of the garden and back with their baby still in tact. Nothing like a little baby competition!

Nappy Change Race (Relay if You Have a Lot of Guests)

This one is a great way of creating a little bit of competition between the guests (especially if some are already parents). The idea is that you set up a doll or a teddy bear on a chair and have a pile of newborn nappies next to it. Each member of a team will run to the doll or teddy and attempt to take off the previous persons nappy and replace it with a fresh one. The team that manages to have everyone change a nappy (properly) is the winner!

Baby Shower Bingo

This plays in the same way as normal bingo in that each of the guests are given printed sheets with pictures of typical Gender Reveal/Baby Shower gifts on them. The idea is that the guests will mark off each gift they have on their card as the mum and dad to be open their gifts. The first person to completely mark off all of the gifts on their card is the winner!

Writing Encouraging Notes on a Nappy

The idea behind this game is that each of your guests is given a newborn nappy and a permanent marker pen. They can write whatever inspiring, funny or encouraging message they want on each nappy. These will then be given to the parents so that when they are changing their first nappys for their newborn child, they will see all of the lovely, hilarious and thought provoking messages that have been left by all of their loved ones.

Name that Tune from Baby TV

Name that Tune was a famous tv show a long time ago but the basic concept is so much fun. Rather than naming tunes from grown up tv and film, the songs will be from baby tv shows.

I'm sure all of the parents in the room will have an unfair disadvantage but you might as well get your brains used to these theme tunes now as you will be hearing them a lot in the future!

What's that Smell?

This game isn't quite as disgusting as the name may lead you to believe but this game is probably for people will a certain sense of humour. The premise of this game is to put something inside a nappy such as chocolate, fruit, or even some sort of perfume and have one or all of your guests smell the nappy.

Then Guests guess what exactly it is that you have placed in the nappy. This game will definitely get your guests talking!

Nappy Jenga

Everybody who has played Jenga and taken it seriously knows how one move can make or break the game! The idea behind this one is that instead of wooden blocks, your guests will be split into 2 teams and asked to create a nappy tower.

Whichever team can create the tallest tower of nappies will be named the winner OR if a team tries too hard and ends up with their tower collapsing under the weight of expectation.

This is another game that has been known to stoke the fires if competition between guests so if this is your Gender Reveal party then sit back and enjoy the mayhem unfolding with a nice cup of tea!

Baby Animal Names Game

Think you know your foals from your calves? Your cubs from your pups? your kittens from your chicks? Then this is the game for you!

Each guest is given a piece of paper to write on and you ask them a series of questions based around the technical names for certain baby animals.

You can make this as easy or hard as you like as there are some really difficult and unique ones out there.

Whoever can get the most names correct is the winner!

What did you do for your Gender Reveal Party/Baby Shower?

So there you have it, our top 5 Gender Reveal game ideas for your Gender Reveal Party or Baby Shower.

What did you do at your Gender Reveal Party? Is there a great Gender Reveal game we have left off the list?

Let us know your best party games in the comments below and how you revealed your baby's gender.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I take to somebody's Gender Reveal Party?

There are so many things you can take to Gender Reveals. Whether it is blue or pink candy, Gender Reveal photo props, either pink or blue confetti, or even some party games of your own!

Gifts are always welcome too like nappies, a baby bottle, pink or blue containers or just helpful advice!

Are there any Virtual Gender Reveal Games We Can Play?

As much as we like to have everybody at our Gender Reveal party in person playing our Gender Reveal Party games, it is not always possible if someone lives abroad or isn't feeling too well. That's why Virtual Gender Reveal games are a great idea. Just look on Google to find hundreds of baby word scramble games or another baby game.

These became really popular during the Covid 19 pandemic as people were obviously still having children and wanted to share these lovely moments with their friends and family. So online games just took off and they haven't really lost their popularity due to people being based all over the planet now. Its had a similar consistency to the working from home concept.

Each to their Own

So, hopefully this list has helped you come up with some excited Gender Reveal Party games to go along with your either pink or blue cake.

One thing you should remember though is that as much as everybody likes to play games, you need to make sure your Gender Reveal Party games are right for you and make sure you enjoy your Gender Reveal.


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Unique and Creative Gender Reveal Nail Ideas to Make Your Moment Extra Special

Unique and Creative Gender Reveal Nail Ideas to Make Your Moment Extra Special

Gender reveal nails - the new, subtle and stylish way to make your Gender Reveal Party a cut above the rest!

What gender reveal nail art will you go for?

Gender reveal parties have become an increasingly popular way for couples to share their excitement about the gender of their upcoming baby with friends and family. But why stop at just having a party? Why not go for a special manicure? Many expectant parents are now opting for gender reveal nails as part of the celebration too!

Whether you are looking for something classic, cute, or downright original, we’ve rounded up 10 gender reveal nails ideas that are sure to make your moment extra special.

10 Original and Cute Gender Reveal Nail Ideas

Gender reveal parties for expecting parents have become increasingly popular. Many couples like to celebrate their upcoming bundle of joy with a party, either virtual or in-person, where they make the big announcement about whether the baby is a boy or a girl. What better way to add to the excitement than with Gender Reveal Nails?

Gender reveal nails are one of the newest trends in gender reveals and are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to share the news. Just take a look on TikTok or Instagram and you can see some amazing gender reveal nails on show. This blog will narrow down the best ideas for gender reveal nail art.

The idea behind gender reveal nails was created by beauty entrepreneur Giselle Nguyen in 2018 as part of her gender reveal photoshoot for her daughter. In the modern world of manicures, gender reveal nails are constantly evolving and taking on new looks. They usually revolve around pink and blue colors as that is the quintessential look for a gender reveal.

There’s no need to go over-the-top when it comes to gender reveal nail art; there are plenty of cute and original ideas that will help you really make your gender reveal stand out! In this article we will explore 10 original and cute gender reveal nail ideas that will help make your exciting day even more special:

Best Gender Reveal Nail Ideas

Half & Half

One of the most iconic ways to announce your little one’s gender is with half and half nails; pretty pink on one hand and pastel blue on the other! It’s a great way to get everyone involved in sharing your news in an easy yet stylish way.

Bow & Arrow

Another classic gender reveal nail design is arrows pointing towards either pink or blue! You can do this look with french tips, ombre gradients, or full colour depending on what look you prefer.

Baby Shoes

Nothing says “baby is almost here” like baby shoes! You can do this look with decals, stamping plates, or freehand designs depending on your skill level with nail art. You could even use this theme and put baby bottles on your gender reveal nails instead.

Paint Splatter

If you’re looking for something more unique then consider doing paint splatters! You can easily recreate this look using detail brushes or stencils for bold lines (or both!). This one is a bit easier if you're not that gifted in terms of nail design.

Confetti Design

Confetti is always fun for any occasion so why not create a confetti design for your gender reveal nails?! You can use glitters, confetti decals, or even holographic pieces to give this look some extra pizzazz. Pair it with a Gender Reveal Cannon and everything starts falling into place!

Long Nails Stamping Plate Designs

For those who want more intricate gender reveal nail design on their longer length nails then consider trying out stamping plates! This technique gives you tons of options when it comes to design including bows, stars and hearts – all perfect themes for any fun gender reveal party!

Ombre Gradients

Perfectly blended ombre gradients on your gender reveal nails may take more time but they sure do look amazing! Choose two colours such as pink and blue french tips and use several shades between them to blend together perfectly into either an hourglass shape or just an all around blend from base colour up top top coat colour - the choice is yours!

Animal Prints

Add some extra funkiness by incorporating animal prints into your design. This works especially well when done in combination with glittery accents like rhinestones or pearls – be creative and make it unique! Make sure you really enjoy yourself when creating your gender reveal nail designs.

Classic Ideas For Gender Reveal Nails

Glitter Accents

When going for classic looks try using glitter accents instead of whole colours – it gives that added sparkle without being too flashy if that's not what you're going for! Try gold/silver for unisex variations, pink/blue for either boys/girls specifics - whatever glitters best suits your vision!

Mixed Patterns & Textures

Last but not least – mix up different textures and patterns on each nail according to which ever theme you decide upon ! Incorporate delicate floral patterns , polka dots , dainty stripes , feathers etc . Use varying sizes , shapes , materials etc . Anything to match your party decorations.


Make each gender reveal nail design its own little work of art ! No matter which gender reveal nails you go with, your big moment will be made extraordinary with a bit of extra detail and creativity.

From the classic half and half to the more intricate stamping plates, there’s no limit to what you can do! Whatever gender reveal nails design you decide upon, it’ll be the perfect touch for your gender reveal party.

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